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quote convey to their governments. >> certainly in my time since being in the business of fbi agent since 2004 in this committee i have always found the best way to determine a
-destructive investigations in fbi history. this being, as far as we know one of the first mole hunts within the fbi agency. when did this happen? how did it come about? >> guest: well, it was the first mole hunt and it is in the current october of the sony and. i broke that story. i heard about it. it was very secret. the fbi still won't talk about it. but here's what happened, in 1962, a long time ago, a russian spy, kgb agent officer in new york city walked into the fbi building in manhattan and volunteered his services. he said he was discontent. his talents were being recognized. a familiar story when people come over and offer to work for the united states. the fbi people said well, what you're taking a big chance to walk into our building here on 69th street because you might have been seen, you know, some doubt no doubt some of your people and our building. he said no, our people are all up meeting at this moment with your guy. i was telling the fbi that the russians had a mole inside the fbi and the russians called him. well, the fbi immediately launched a mole hunt to try and find trans eyes. bec
" magazine. "when the fbi spent decades hunting for a soviet spy on its staff." when did this happen, how did it come about? guest: it is the first mulholland. hunt.e i broke that story. the fbi still will not talk about it. a kgb agent in new york city walked into the fbi building in manhattan and volunteered his services. he said he was discontent and his talents were not being recognized. said were toe taking a big chance to walk into our building because you might have been seen? no, i am not worried about it. our people are meeting with your guy, dick. that was telling the fbi that the russians had a mole inside the fbi and the russians called him dick. hunt tolaunched a mole try to find dick. because they did not know his real name, they called him an , which stands for unknown subject. upside downe fbi for a couple of decades. they are looking for this guy. host: the year that it all began? guest: 1962. was he ever caught? he or she? that's an interesting story. it was a he, as far as is known. was code-named fedora. as to whether or not he was telling the truth or trying to -- the bel
in the prosecution's case. there were questions over whether the fbi had engaged in some inappropriate activity. the judge said that mr. renzi and mr. sandlin were good men who did bad things. i will say that it is dirty rare for a judge to give defendants -- it is pretty rare for a judge to give defendants who are fighting tooth and nail and give them the benefit of the doubt. >> do you think that, considering any other place, do you think arizona had some thing to do with it? >> i think the judge seemed to be affected by the fact that this was a former congressman who was once well respected in the state. that the congressman's family pushed that he was a family man with lots of kids come a man of faith. rarely, do you see other criminal defendants getting the same benefit of the debt when they had done something so blatantly illegal. most people are caught red- handed and he never took responsibility. usually, these lighter sentences are handed down some and he accepts responsibly for their action, plead guilty and said, yeah, i did something wrong and here's why i did this that thing i did.
that there was something to justify lethal force? >> there's a fabricated fbi report that came out the very next day before they realized there was a video, that claimed the border patrol agent was surrounded and being pelted by rocks and in fear for his life. >> hilliard read this fbi statement to bobbie during her sworn testimony. this was her response: >> that was not true. there was no one surrounding him throwing rocks. >> what happened next points to a problem unique to killings that cross international lines. sergio's family tried to sue the agent who shot their son. but the federal judge in el paso dismissed the case. though the bullet traveled from the us, it landed in mexico. the united states constitution and any accountability did not travel with it. >> you have a child whose family cannot seek redress within the civil justice system for that conduct and it occurred only because of the vacuum which is our border. it's like walking out into the wild wild west and you're standing there at high noon and whatever you do is not reviewed anymore. on august 20th, al jazeera america introduced >>cross-
would see one side and the fbi the other. so the question is how can we connect these dots in what you are seeing him do it in the least intrusive manner and thanks to you, the senate ,-com,-com ma the executive branch and the courts we have programs to do that. congressman king thank you for your comments. i know what you done in new york and the statements you have made are greatly appreciated and i would tell you that every person at nsa and the military still remembers that day and our commitment to those people that we will not forget. but that doesn't mean we are going to trample on our civil liberties and privacy. so the issue is how do we do both because of the constitution that we all swore to uphold and defend and that's what we are doing. look at the program that we have we as american citizens everyone at this table is also an american citizen, have agreed that we would take our personal data and put it into a pile, a lock docs that would only be looked at when we had reasonable and articulable suspicion that we had connection to a foreign al qaeda or related terrorist grou
. >> and it's certainly, in my time since being in this business as an fbi agent and since 2004 on this committee, i always found the best way to determine a foreign leaders' intentions is to somehow either get close to a foreign leader or actually get communications of the foreign leaders, would that be accurate? >> yes, it would. >> and is, say for how many years -- you've been in the intelligence business a very long time. is this something new and different that the intelligence committee might try to target foreign leaders' intentions to dry to determine the best policy for the united states of america? >> it's one of the first things i learned in intelligence school in 1983 that this is the fundmental given in the intelligence business is leadership intentions, no matter what level you're talking about. that can be military leaders as well. >> do you believe that the allies have conducted or at any time any type of espionage activity against the united states of america, our intelligence service, our leaders, or otherwise? >> absolutely. >> are you familiar with a story re
lawmakers and the administration over a decision to block access to witnesses and fbi transcripts. we have the story. >> the justice and state departments are now citing the year old fbi investigation and criminal prosecution to block access to the benghazi witnesses. in this letter to republican senator lindsey graham, the state department references significant risk and serious concerns about having the survivors submit to congressional interviews. >> you can't hide behind a criminal investigation. that's not a good reason to deny the congress witness statements 48 hours after the attack. >> after the house government oversight committee and its republican chairman darrell issa recently interviewed two state security agents who witnessed the attack against the justice department's wishes, a leading democrat predicted the move would create inconsistencies and complicate a trial. >> it kearns me that was not a higher priority for the chairman to make sure we could bring these people to justice than to carry on this political exercise. >> waiting for a criminal prosecution and an appeal to
puede pedir al fbi que encuentre a terroristas y no proveerles la informaciÓn que necesitan. una medida terminarÍa con la posibilidad de obtener rÉcord telefÓnicos. las reformas van a ser a nivel domÉsticos, porque son temas que surgieron en cuanto a temas de privacidad. >>> la senadora del comitÉ de inteligencia dijo que estaba opuesta a espiar a mandatarios amigos, y que la casa blanca le dijo que esto terminara. >>> segÚn muchos aquÍ en el congreso la raya que se cruzo fue espiar a los mandatarios de estos paÍses aliados, el senador john mccain pide la creaciÓn de un comitÉ especial para examinar estas actividades. >>> ya son dos los representantes que apoyan el proyecto de ley de reforma migratoria impulsado por los demÓcratas, una republicana ya decidiÓ apoyar. y un congresista republicano ya lo hizo este domingo en el programa al punto. y una de las 25 me que cruzaron sin autorizaciÓn, las autoridades dijeron que no era elegible, estos 25 detenidos pasaron aÑos en estados unidos cuando los trajeron sus padres. el estado de alabama llegÓ a un acuerdo en contra de su
multiple times. the fbi is investigating the incident. today's protest lasted three hours and no arrests were made. another march is scheduled for tomorrow. >>> a high school teacher in north carolina is out of a job after allowing students to draw blood for a biology assignment. mcmillan says the students were finding out their blood types by using a lab kit. the kit included needles that mcmillan allowed the students to reuse after they were cleaned with alcohol. she said she thought the experiment was approved by the school. >> if it was not okay to use, then i think that it should have been taken out during the summer. >> we don't want students to be, first of all, sharing a needle and second of all having any type of human blood in the classroom. >> an assistant principal stopped the lab after receiving a phone call from a concerned parent. she's not appealing her firing. she says she will concentrate on getting her ph.d.. >>> president obama's twitter account is hacked and a syrian group has taken responsibility. a pair of tweets redirected followers to youtube videos promoting syr
the questions began. tens out about the cia and fbi had him under surveillance at a time that he was in touch with a lot of people who wanted john f. kennedy dead. the questions about what those people may have told him and encouraged him to do have never been answered. lou: and why has it been so difficult to get this story out? you refer to the mountain of material that is their the lightly, likely will never be completely killed and understood perhaps over maybe. why has there been such a grip on much of that material? >> for many years i think the fbi and cia just did not want anybody to get to the bottom of what they had really known about oswald because at the end of the day in new a lot about oslo before the assassination, including that he was having very unusual meetings in mexico city with people who may have wanted to see president kennedy did . it would reveal how much they had known. lou: the conclusion of the book. as you go about this great story to my have the feeling you will be writing another one on this. are you? >> i would like to move onto a different subject. after five
of the country. what is your reaction to administration position a criminal investigation by the fbi about what is an an tax on an attack on country, which falls in pervue of intelligence agencies and military would be reason to block effort understand better what transpired. lou: it makes no sense. >> we should be ale coconduct a criminal investigation, representatives of people to find out what happened, whether a consulate was burned to ground, ambassador killed and cia driven out, that is serious business, they do not have to have an open hearing, they can do a closed-door hearing to get at the issues with the witnesses that i want to call. and certainly, the government should not be attempting to control those witnesses, and still protect the criminal justice system. by the way, lou, that criminal justice -- investigation on criminal justice side got off on the wrong foot, the next day, we may not have been able to get troops in that night, we could have got troops in the next day, we should have secured consulate, put our flag back up and brought the fbi in to begin an immediate investig
at 5:00. >> fbi investigating a nursing home accused of abandon being patients, one is missing. the 65-year-old last seen the day after the state pulled his license, a total of 14 disabled patients were left at valley springs manor with just three people, including a janitor caring for them the owner's attorney maintains they were looking for clayses -- places to relocate them. >>> san francisco police and campus police have issued a joint alefrment they want to find a man who told a nursing supervisor about seeing someone in a stairwell october 4thth. another employee discovered a body of the patient lynn spalding on october 8th, '17 days after spalding vanished from her room. the nursing supervisor says the man walked away after making the report. it appeared he was wearing a hospital employee id badge. they have not been able to identify him. >> so this person, now, who was let in, is kind of super important and may have important information about her. >> the nursing supervisor contacted the sheriff's department to check the stairwell. the department oversees security at san franci
their statements they made to the fbi two days after the attack. >>> the fbi says it won't release details from the investigation. the white house insists, it is cooperating. >> that includes testifying at 13 hearings, providing over 25,000 pages of documents. >> some state department and cia survivors have spoken to congressional members. but graham and others want to hear from all possible witnesses. >> make no mistake. justice will be done. >> the president himself has publicly said the benghazi investigation is a top priority. but as cnn first reported, the u.s. commandos miss ad crucial chance to capture a key suspect charged in the attack. when u.s. army attack grabbed the form he operative in tripoli this month, they were hours away from a potential second raid in benghazi to grab ahmed abu cattala. iter in happened. in part because after the public surrounding the first raid, the u.s. worried the libyan government might collapse from the pressure of being seen helping the u.s. but not getting him. he has lived openly in benghazi and he was interviewed by cnn is a point of frustration fo
gun the boy was carrying was the real thing. the police, the f.b.i., and prosecutors are all investigating but protesters blame the sheriff's department. here's ben tracy. >> reporter: a huge crowd of protesters gathered outside the santa rosa sheriff's department today, outraged over the death of 13-year-old andy lopez. he was shot seven times by a deputy last week who thought he was carrying an ak-47 rifle. it was really a plastic gun that fires plastic pellets. sheriff's deputies tried to show how similar the two guns look. the fake one is on the left. california state senator kevin de leon is considering reintroducing a bill that would require all toy guns and b.b. guns to be translucent or brightly calendar. when he proposed this in 2011, it was strongly opposed by the national rifle association and in toy gun makers. i imagine the people who make these toy guns say the point is for them to look real. >> exactly. >> reporter: and no one wants a gun that's bright pink or bright yellow or bright orange. >> we're talking about children's lives. we're talking about lives cut
reporter josh bern stein. we have the recorded conversations and the f.b.i.'s yvettsecret files and only al ja america has the details. >> findings new life among the burned ruins. how they are preventing a self >> while you were asleep, news was happening. >> here are the stories we're following. >> find out what happened and what to expect. >> international outrage. >> a day of political posturing. >> every morning from 6 to 10am al jazeera america brings you more us and global news than any other american news channel. >> tell us exactly what is behind this story. >> from more sources around the world. >> the situation has intensified here at the boarder. >> start every morning, every day, 6am to 10 eastern with al jazeera america. country battled 45,000 fires this year. restoring the forest is critical and for the prevention of future fires. we met up with a group of scientists whose work begins after the fires are put out. bewhen a wildfire ignites, coon containment is is the first priority. record high temperatures and dry weather whipped up a dozen major wild fires in colorado this s
in california. >> i'm investigative reporter josh bern stein. we have the recorded conversations and the f.b.i.'s yvettsecret files and only al ja america has the details. >> findings new life among the burned ruins. how they are preventing a self (vo) friday night ... >> does the nsa collect any type of data on millions of americans? >> no sir. (vo) fault lines investigates what it's like to live under the watchful eye of the nsa. >> they know everything that you do, everything that you think, everything that you fear. they know how to manipulate and control you. the state has all the power. >> we have done more to destroy our way of life than the terrorists could ever have done. on inside story, we bring together unexpected voices closest to the story, invite hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you. country battled 45,000 fires this year. restoring the forest is critical and for the prevention of future fires. we met up with a group of scientists whose work begins after the fires are put out. bewhen a wildfire ignites, coon containment is is the first p
that is similar to what the fbi does in terms to having a national database of fingerprints of criminals. anytime one of those bugs is isolated, either from a human stool sample or from a food product, what happens is it goes into a network of laboratories that are capable of performing the fingerprints, using standardized methodology. changes in how food is grown and handled, increased international travel, people crammed togethe in unsanitary nditions-- all contribute to the emergence of these new and deadlier microbes, but there is another critical factor. david bennett: we now have the threat that our major tools, the antibiotics that we can treat bacterial infections, are being compromised. there's a lot of resistance to antibiotics, both in hospitals and communities, so we're very worried about what will happen there. and this means increased cost, and it also means in some cases we can't effectively treat some infections, or it's much more difficult to treat. stephen ostroff: so rapidly we have watched one after the next after the next of the easy-to-use, cheap, effective antibiotics sort
-bye at his funeral mass. the fbi has joined the investigation into his death. >>> singer chris brown has checked into a rehab facility to deal with anger issues. the move comes one day after brown was released from a washington, d.c. jail on assault charges. brown could face serious jail time if officials in los angeles determine that the d.c. arrest violates his probation. >>> and this would be depressing to find in your driveway when you went out in the morning. there wasn't much left of this honda element after a momma bear and two cubs got through with it. claw marks on the doors. everything else shredded. the couple suspects that bears got stuck inside. all the animals got for their trouble was a pack of gum and some mints. a whole lot of interior. >> all of the insurance. something for a new car. >>> an amazing scene at a vatican event. pope francis and a young visitor. pope francis giving him a pat on the face. he's not ready to leave in fact, he tries to get between the pope and the man he was greeting. when that didn't work, he joined francis' staff. the youngster even got pope
! >> reporter: the fbi, san to rosa police, and sonoma police and the attorneys office are conducting investigations into lopez's death. bigad shaban, cbs news. >>> and on friday a concert will be held in honor of michael landberry who was killed last week. a beloved math teacher and former marine has been hailed as a hero. he walked toward a 12-year-old gunman to try to get him to surrender. the boy shot and killed landsberry on the spot. landsberry's wife said she was not surprised that he tried to save others. >> when i first heard this going and i didn't get a text message back from him, i knew, and when it transpired on school grounds, i knew exactly what he did. i knew that he stopped it. i knew he stepped in front. >> he served in afghanistan as a member of the national guard, and his wife said he told her he loved her every day. >>> coming up on the "morning news," taking a walk down penny lane. we'll tell you which beatles' childhood home sold for top dollar. this is the "cbs morning news." beetles apz childhood home sold. to give you energy that lasts. balance bar® dark. ha
employees and contractors, including many who work for the c.i.a., the f.b.i., the state department, and the defense department, i know from years of firsthand experience how agencies can sometimes use various forms of pressure and intimidation to keep employees from sharing information of concern with congress. i know the benghazi survivors and other witnesses that night need the protection of a friendly subpoena to compel their testimony before congress, particularly on matters as sensitive as this, in order to protect them. so far the committees have failed to provide this protection to allow survivors and other witnesses, to allow them to share their story publicly so the american people can hear them. based on disclosures in recent news reports, i now believe that the benghazi plot represents a significant intelligence failure by the united states at several levels. understanding these failures as well as the government's inexplicable response during and after the attack, is critical to preventing future attacks. i want to outline a number of apparent intelligence failures lead
hunt in the fbi. live every morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. former house speaker tom foley must his bid for reelection in 1994 after he agreed to keep them assault weapons ban even though gun control was unpopular in his district. he was honored at a memorial service at statuary hall by president obama among bill clinton, and his friend and rival, bob michael. he died on october 18. he was 84. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the presentation of the colors, the singing of the national anthem, and the retiring of the colors. >> forward march. >> present. ♪ oh, say, can you see by the dawn's early light, what so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming? whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? and the rockets red glare the bombs bursting in air nightroof through the that our flag was still there. say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free brave?
-old was laid to rest. he was shot seven times when officers apparently. the fbi is investigating the incident. more protests are scheduled. >> i was reading that often times kids remove that little cap that could potentially save your life. >>> 37 minutes past the hour. tragic scene on an arizona highway. low visibility from a dust storm causing a deadly pileup on interstate 10. this is right near phoenix. authorities say three people were killed. the chain reaction crash involved 19 vehicles including ten semi-trailers. more than a dozen people suffered injuries. authorities say gusty conditions created tunnels and blowing dust that settled over the highways. >>> what about the winds today? will they continue? indira petersons is looking at that. >> what you're actually supposed to do in a dust storm, pull off the road, we know that. but turn your lights off. they want to be scene. if you can't see, cars think they're following the road and they crash into the back of you. >> great advice. >> i want to talk about the big storm, this is what meteorologists look at. it's almost like a bull's-e
. it is actually been handed over to the santa rosa department to investigate. liz, the fbi is also conducting its own investigation. >> julia, protesters mentioned they want to take their concerns to city leaders. did they do that today? >> reporter: well, that was their goal today, but actually there was a city council meeting scheduled for 1:00 o'clock. it was canceled because of security concerns. employees were tally sent home at noon today -- actually sent home at noon today. in fact, there were a couple council members spotted in the marched to. >> julia, thank you. >>> attempted murder charges filed against the man who shot and wounded six police officers in a violent confrontation in roseville last week. sammie duran, also faces weapons, burglary, false imprisonment charges. duran did not enter plea today. police say he ran from them last friday and barricaded himself in house as they try toad arrest him -- to arrest him on a parol violation. he faces life in prison under california's three strikes law. >>> the woman charged in the dui crash that killed a menlo park couple is due in court
after conservative groups and didn't know about the fbi wiretapping of james rosen in fox news. you got to say. that is a worse problem. is the government on autopilot. is there anybody in the white house or president knowing? that is a harder problem to fix. if it is a dumb policy you can change. that but if the government is on autopilot in all of these areas tis a bigger problem. >> do you think the chief executive is ducking it. or is it autopilot? >> i think there is both. the chief executive is saying the dogate my home work and how many times do we believe the dogate my home work excuse. the washington testimony and head of nsa and clapper and director of national intelligence. it seems they feel it is okay to do this stuff without explanation or accountability and that is a government on autopilot. >> kt, thank you. we'll see where it goes. kt mcfar land with us today. >> meanwhile, a deadly chain reaction crash triggered by mother nature. the highway pile up that left drivers running for their lives. >> and obama care and the doctor issue. >> and cathleap sebelius defending the
people who they thought were weak. >> the fbi said they thought they would have a lookout while she had sex in a closet with a gang inmate. and they say she hoped to earn up to $2,000 a week, smuggling contraband into the jail. >> reporter: bgf started in california, and later hit it big in maryland, becoming the largest prison gang, distributing a book, and quickly developing a network, selling drugs behind bars, where one of the gang's king pins made more than $15,000 a month. critics wonder how this was allowed to happen. >> it looks like the rot is pretty longstanding and deep. >> those indictments are a direct result of our efforts. >> reporter: one by one, the government is gaining guilty pleas from indicted officers. who will be next to fall? >> reporter: and the latest will have to forfeit any ill- gotten gains. she does face jail time. her lawyer d not returnure -- did not return our call, seeking comment. >>> those in charge of the state's prisons have implemented new screening and safety procedures as they work to crack down on corruption. >> just days after being jailed in w
came on the same day that andy lopez family and friends said goodbye at his funeral mass. the fbi has joined the investigation in to his death. >>> delta airlines pilot is in custody in utah charged with groping a minor during a flight last weekend. 45-year-old michael james pascal was a passenger on the flight. he was sitting next to a 14-year-old girl. she claims when she woke up he was groping her backside. pascal said he fell asleep and somehow his hand fell in to the girl's seat. he's due in federal court today. >>> sky high fees for checking -- airlines are earning record amounts of money for sky high fees for checking bags and serving food. analysts predict major airlines will rake in $15 billion in extra fees this year alone. up 18% from last year. 60% of that money comes from frequent flyer surcharges and another 25% from checked baggage fees. >>> a blinding dust storm is blamed for a deadly pileup in southern arizona. three people were killed and a dozen others injured in a string of chain-reaction crashes that crushed cars and overturned tractor-trailers on interstate 10. 2
never happened. the fbi is conducting an independent investigation into that shooting. >> a heartbreaking tragedy there. time to check out the weather at 5:36. christina loren is back to tell us if you like cool and you like to jump-start your day, get outside and smack yourself in the face with it. >> cool as ice this morning, cool as ice. 44 degrees in concord. the only place we are expecting frost formation is up in your interior north bay valleys. that goes for the higher elevations. 37 degrees at 5:37, expecting to drop off as we head through the next couple hours and get closer to sun rise. this is not as cold as where we are headed. 45 in san jose. 40 in gilroy. we have some fog out there as well. we are going to see a mostly cloudy start to the day. a mile and three-quarters of visibility. we have six miles in san jose. we will be waking up with mostly cloudy conditions. by noon, a great deal of burnoff. yesterday, a cool fall day. you know what is cool about the bay area? we are peaking. 71 inland. bayside, 69 degrees. at the coast, 65. it just gets so pretty
direction. >> reporter: the fbi is also investigating whether lopez's civil rights were violated. and even though he was just 13, gillhouse and his partner told investigators they didn't realize he was so young. >> they didn't realize until later, the accident was over the particular age of the subject. what they focused on was the very real-looking replica assault rifle that the subject was carrying. >> reporter: complicating matters, the replica called an air soft rifle, did not have an orange cap on the end of the barrel required by law to be put on toys. but protesters say this is the case of an overzealous deputy. >> we want this eric gillhouse jailed and charged with murder. we're going to keep marching and keep walking out of school until this happens. >> reporter: we are at the sonoma county sheriff's office where this march ended. at one point you had hundreds if not thousands of people. in behind me you can see barricade and deputies in full riot gear just to make sure nothing got out of control. fortunately everything was peaceful. erin, there are mow protests planned for later
this kid a number of times unnecessarily so. >> reporter: now, a police investigation as well as an fbi investigation remain under way tonight. i did try to reach out to the sheriff today, but he did not return my phone call. he did tell me last week, however, that his heart goes out to the family. he says he's very sorry for what happened and promises a thorough and transparent investigation. reporting live in santa rosa, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >>> to the south bay, now, just into our newsroom, new surveillance video, four suspects allegedly involved in saturday's shooting at the spot nightclub in campbell. we've highlighted the video so you can see who police are looking for. officers say someone from this group we've highlighted shot a club employee after he came out to the parking lot and told them allegedly to turn down the music from their cars. the victim is recovering at a local hospital. >>> new at 6:00, low water levels across the bay area. this is a look today from our chopper at santa clara county's almaden reservoir. see it's well below its banks. as are other b
at his funeral mass. the fbi has joined the investigation in to his death. >>> delta airlines pilot is in custody in utah charged with groping a minor during a flight last weekend. 45-year-old michael james pascal was a passenger on the flight. he was sitting next to a 14-year-old girl. she claims when she woke up he was groping her backside. pascal said he fell asleep and somehow his hand fell in to the girl's seat. he's due in federal court today. >>> airlines are earning record amounts of money for sky high fees for checking bags and serving food. analysts predict major airlines will rake in $15 billion in extra fees this year alone. up 18% from last year. 60% of that money comes from frequent flyer surcharges and another 25% from checked baggage fees. >>> a blinding dust storm is blamed for a deadly pileup in southern arizona. three people were killed and a dozen others injured in a string of chain-reaction crashes that crushed cars and overturned tractor-trailers on interstate 10. 20 vehicles were involved in the crash, including at least six big rigs. >> the bond created by hu
is associate a number, and then give that to fbi and let them too -- do that. you know, this is 5 hugely important point brought up because i think it's important for the american people to understand that we're not collecting contents of the e-mail or phones or listening to that. you see that coming around. we don't have that information nor do we collect that. we have what's in the business record fisa, and what we're authorized under a fisa court warned, and if it's a u.s. person we have to get that, and even if they are are overseas with the app rat tis. this is a huge point. i think a lot of people assume because we can, we are seeing this system has tremendous oversight and controls, its focus, and if we make a mistake, even in transition, we report it. this is not, nor have we seen where anybody other than the 12 cases over a decade is anybody going out and collecting on u.s. persons ill leetly. we're not doing it, and if we find somebody do it, we'll hold them accountable. that's a guarantee. >> well, i'm running out of time, but, you know, i just wanted to make a point that a lo
an off-duty pilot has been charged with extremely bad behavior with a teenage passenger. the fbi is now involved. all that ahead. >>> but let's get right to sam champion, back from miami. and what's this halloween storm we're talking about? >> here's the deal. since the summer season is over and you get into the holidays that involve people being outside. this is the worst time to get a line of severe storms. and we've got two days of it. whether you're celebrating with your family outdoors today, there's five states under thunderstorm warnings. if it's tomorrow, there are ten states. and on the real halloween day, we're talking about 25 million people in the way of this line of strong to severe storms. so let's just get right to it. in comes this powerful cold front. substantial shift in cold air behind it. the warm, humid air ahead of it. these storms are going to be powerful in dallas, austin, san antonio, oklahoma city. i think the -- probably that area of arkansas into texas is going to be a rough one. take the line of storms into the day tomorrow, and this really fires up. here's
this is is better than it was so excuse all the mistakes. >> a former fbi agent, chairman of the house intelligence committee who sides with the obama administration on many issues but not this and going for her jugular. stuart: there i wonder what president obama will say in boston. they are attempting to win the world series. president obama -- all making -- judge napolitano: the most enormous traffic jams in boston history because the president is a riding the day the red sox will win the world series. he will take credit for the world series. stuart: he is going to boston to say romneycare when it was rolled out at the same slow start. charles: 1 make a side trip for a fund-raiser so crisscross town all day and do the romney thing and raise money and go across town again. your point the exchanges in this. is just a symbol for the wheels coming off the card. obamacare is in big trouble. they can't even get a website right it is a symbol for them not being able to get it right. stuart: she has great confidence there will be a fix to the rollout of the web site by november 30th, self-imposed date
. the deputy thought lopez's replica rifle was a real ak-47. the fbi is now conducting an independent investigation into the shooting. >>> the nra says it will sue the city of sunnyveil if voters enact a measure. measure c would require gun owners to lock up their weapons at home when they're away and report a stolen gun within 48 hours. among a couple of other things. the measure goes before voters next tuesday, november 5th. >>> we'll have a look at your forecast and traffic after the break. >>> good morning to you. temperatures will be warm this afternoon, but it's still pretty cold out there this morning. make sure you bundle up. 71 for livermore. 56, fremont. 68 in san jose. we're looking good for your halloween bayside. about 64 when the sun sets at 6:15. haven't made the plans yet? we have you covered on nbc bay look on the home page. you'll find a complete guide to everything happening around here. check it out today at the office. 77 degrees for thursday. looking good for halloween. warmer on friday. >> you know this morning we are still tracking very heavy traffic
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